Youth Zone

Welcome to our Youth Zone. We believe that young people have a vital role to play in helping us create a new garden village community at Whetstone Pastures. At this early stage, we are seeking your help in shaping the best possible vision for Whetstone Pastures.

With the help of your parents or guardian there are number of ways you can get involved;


Take photographs of things you have seen in other places and ask your parent or guardian to send us those photographs using the project e-mail address or via our social media channels. These could be anything that you think we should include at Whetstone Pastures e.g. play areas, community event space, sports facilities, woodland and parks, buildings, eco-friendly homes, shopping areas, schools.

Online Survey

Ask your parent or guardian to help you complete the online survey:

Activity Sheet

Ask your parent or guardian to download and print off the activity sheet below to complete and send back to the project team via

Ideas Board

Post your ideas via the Ideas Board on this website.